As photographers and mothers, we understand the importance of capturing the special moments of childhood. From the first steps to the first words, every milestone is a moment to cherish and remember.

That’s why we believe that nursery graduation is an important occasion to celebrate and document.

Graduating from nursery is a significant milestone for both children and parents. It marks the end of an era and the beginning of a new chapter in a child’s life. It’s a time to reflect on the growth and development that has taken place during the early years and to look forward to the future.


As photographers, we love to capture the joy and excitement of nursery graduation. It’s a time when children are filled with pride and a sense of accomplishment, and parents are filled with a sense of nostalgia and pride.

For parents, having professional photos of their child’s nursery graduation is a way to commemorate this special occasion and capture the memories that will last a lifetime.

From a nursery’s perspective, offering photography services for graduation is a great way to provide added value for families and showcase the achievements of the children in your care. It’s a way to celebrate the success of your nursery and the role you’ve played in shaping the future of these children.

Nursery graduation is an important occasion that should be celebrated and documented. We believe that capturing these special moments is essential in creating lasting memories for families and nurseries alike. Whether you’re a parent or nursery owner, investing in professional nursery graduation photography is a wonderful way to commemorate this milestone and celebrate the growth and development of our children.



The personalised graduation photos are a popular choice with both nurseries and parents alike.

We ask information of each child on the day of the photoshoot so we can edit this in afterwards.

Due to the additional editing this we sell this as a stand alone pack so we can keep the cost affordable for parents.

Please let us know before your visit if you would like the Personalised graduation photo.

Why choose Cotton Socks Photography?

online gallery

Private online password protected gallery for each parent.


We appreciate you choosing us to work in your nursery and for that we give you up to 20% commission on profit that is made.


No need for reminder emails, no collecting of forms or cash, no need to organise passwords, etc as it’s all done for you.


Parents can mix and match individual and sibling photos

Parents have the flexibility to mix packs with different photos whether it be individual or siblings.

Affordable pricing for parents

As we order in bulk we can make sure our prices are competitive and most importantly affordable.

free staff headshots

Take advantage of free staff headshots to update your staff board.


little girl with blonde hair in a blue graduation robe by Nursery Photography in Durham


Before the photoshoot

Once we secure a date for you we send you confirmation of your booking and ask that you tick it off your ‘to do’ list. We will provide a digital poster, should you need this, please just ask. 2 weeks prior to your booking we ask for a list of children names so that we can make our unique QR codes for our hassle free online ordering system (we also send you these digitally so that if a parent loses the form you can easily print another one). We will also discuss timings and the ideal time for parents/carers to bring in siblings or children that aren’t at nursery that day.


On the day

We will arrive early to set up and ask that you have a space cleared of 3mx3m for our photographers coming in. We have a range of timeless props and accessories that we use. Once set up we start photographing the children. We do suggest starting with the youngest first to avoid messing with nap time and we ask you bring hair brushes and wipes to clean snotty noses. We use a unique QR system so each child has their own private gallery. Once we have finished the photoshoot we leave all the QR codes with you so that you can give them out to parents.


Ordering for parents

We aim to have the photographs online within the week. If your nursery is larger than 100 this may take slightly longer. Our online ordering is simple for parents to use so that they view, order and pay online with the choice of having photos batch shipped to the nursery or direct shipping to their home address. We offer discounts within certain timeframes and allow parents to mix and match their photo packs. Roughly 1-2 months after the photoshoot we calculate the commission for the nursery and send it to your bank account.




We think Olivia is amazing. We will cherish these images forever and we can’t thank you enough.








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